My Story


It’s a great pleasure for us to help families get into a home of their own, even when the banks would turn them down for a mortgage MG Social Network Pic 7at this time. We can welcome with open arms (so to speak) families who have been turned away by banks. It’s very, very gratifying for us to be able to help them.

My background in real estate investing has been that I studied for quite a few years. In the process I became enamored of various different approaches involving internet marketing, buying and selling land, buy and hold. The problem with “buy and hold” is you have to have quite a bit of money to buy numerous houses and/or repair the houses. As a result I didn’t get very far in building a portfolio of rental houses.

But then I came across this thing called lease option (which I call lease purchase most of the time on this site. The terms are interchangeable.) When I studied lease options, a light bulb went off, “My gosh, this is a win-win.”

It solves the sellers’ problem. The people whose houses I work with need to move out quickly and lease option is a great way for them to have their mortgage payments covered immediately and eventually sell the house.

It solves the buyers’ problem: they get to live in a house when no bank would approve them for a loan.

And I get to make a profit by providing my services.

My Mentors

I studied the lease option form of investing from three primary teachers: Wendy Patton, John Burly and Ron LeGrand, shown here:

My Mentors

And I decided to focus my business on this because it’s such a wonderful thing for the buyer and the seller

If you looked on the properties page and I’m all sold out of inventory now, rest assured that I am always advertising for more sellers to get more houses and help more prospective tenant buyers get into a house as soon as possible—so that they can enjoy the American dream of home ownership.

Buyers List

Please get in touch with me if you want to be on my buyers list so that you’ll be the first one to know when I have a new property.

Joining the buyers list is the first step, but if you have questions you can reach me at 571-733-9044,

Drive By

Also, drive by any of the properties that I have for sale so you can check out the neighborhood and see if you like the house. (I’m going to insist that you do a drive by first, before I show you the inside, so you can determine if you like the neighborhood and the look of the house from the curb.)

And go ahead, if you’re ready, and fill out the application. I look forward to speaking with you and I look forward to putting you together with a really nice house.