My Credit is Not Great

So many people nowadays can’t walk into a bank and apply for a mortgage and get approved. In fact, because of the banks’ strict requirements the vast majority of Americans can’t get a bank loan to buy a home right now.

Because the banks are afraid of being accused of “predatory lending” or issuing “sub prime” mortgages, they have now instituted very strict criteria for home mortgages. And it’s left a lot of would-be home owners stuck in apartments.

If this is you, if you’re shut out from bank financing because of some imperfections on your credit report or because your credit score is not high enough… talk to us. We may be able to help you.

How we can help

If you can afford a reasonable down payment and you can afford the house payment then it’s likely that we’d be able to put you into one of our homes.

And you can enjoy living in a wonderful home, already, starting now, and eventually a few years from now… as you clean up your credit… you can qualify for bank financing.

This type of arrangement is called a lease purchase. At first you lease the home, but you have the option to buy in the future (it’s also called a lease option). You have a certain number of years to arrange traditional financing.

You have YEARS before you have to go out and get a loan but you get to live in the home already. We’re quite flexible, but as I said above, you do have to be able to afford the home and you do have to bring a reasonable down payment.

Left out in the cold

A lot of people have to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills. Some people have a period of time where they were missing payments because of a job loss. And so on. And banks look at this and they don’t want to hear the explanation, so the loan committees won’t approve you and you’re left in the cold.

So, please get in touch with us and understand that we are more lenient, more understanding and we’ll listen to your explanation.

We accept explanations instead of being too demanding about credit history. You don’t have to be a perfect candidate to qualify with us.

So, have no fear of rejection and  fill out an application.